“I could not go to school due to unavailability of educational facilities in our village. I felt like I was deaf and dumb in front of literate people. I always wished to read and write, I may not be very educated person but now I can proudly do my routine work; few basic calculations and reading/writing different names” shared by Miss Najma, student at the center.
SRSP with financial support of the Government of Australia is establishing “Adult Literacy Centers (ALCs), in three districts Peshawar, Charsadda and Nowshera. A total of 180 women will receive the course. These centers impart basic education to women and help them to learn simple arithmetic functions and social awareness. Courses are delivered in locally established centers so women don’t face conveyance issues and are encouraged to participate.

Adult literacy center Nowshera

Adult literacy center Charsadda

Adult Literacy Center Peshawar