The Chinese Engineers helping SRSP install the power generating system at the 2 megawatts power house (MW) at Birmogh Golane valley say that within a week the power house will start test production. Pictures showing SRSP staff getting to the power house in tough weather and its installation. Once test production begins, the long road of working with NEPRA, PESCO and PEDO begins to link up the power generation to the local grid and distribution system for Chitral Town.  photo 16107424_1435880646445499_3734782417611926227_o_zpsbcbxkwc9.jpg  photo 15994734_1435880749778822_7608932079098272212_o_zpsk028lgsk.jpg  photo 15936471_1435880926445471_1610866558365827334_o_zpsandk2j11.jpg  photo 15974898_1435880586445505_8322925634414055584_o_zpseo2kaaqa.jpg photo 16107253_1435880486445515_7770079085880294188_o_zpsxhauza3i.jpg  photo 15994668_1435880349778862_408182428556791150_o_zpsegbswjwx.jpg  photo 15994408_1435881006445463_3993346163044090991_o_zpslimhaf6s.jpg