Aid to Uprooted People (AUP)

The European Union & KfW are supporting SRSP in implementing a project called “Aid to Uprooted People (AUP)” focusing community empowerment, which is a five years project initiated in Khyber, Kurram, Orakzai, North and South Waziristan tribal districts. The project applies a multi-sectoral approach to address community needs. It has three components-reconstruction and rehabilitation of social and physical community infrastructure, Skills development and livelihood support and Management/Institutional development training for communities. .

A bottom up community driven development approach has been adopted in which local communities play a key role in identifying development needs. The Project has enhanced capacities & support local population in addressing their problems.

Major Components

The project facilitated formation of 266 three-tiered CB Institutions covering 6,500 HHs in target districts. 140 village profiles are developed entailing development priorities. The project has engaged youth through recreational activities.

AUP has initiated 91 out of 312 community infrastructure schemes benefiting 115,000 HHs & improving their access to basic social services. These schemes included DWSS, Sanitation, Drainage, water courses & bridges.

The project has also initiated skills enhancement training. These will include employable and advance skills training, management of natural resources in combination with livelihood support for at least 5,100 men and women.

Federation of CBOs at higher level networks has already been initiated in target areas. These institutions will assume major roles and responsibilities upon successful completion of project in target areas.

Animal Fattening training was organized by SRSP in Tehsil Tiarza, District South Waziristan.  60 men participated in three days training course. In focus group discussions male community organizations demanded that they should be given training on livestock...

Fruit and Forest Nursery Raising

Fruit and Forest Nursery Raising

49 community members from Orakzai and North Waziristan districts attended 7 days training on “Fruit and Forest Nursery Raising” in Agriculture Research Institute (ARI), Swat. The training was focused on nursery raising, plant health, plant propagation method, nursery...