During the challenging situation created by COVID_19 pandemic in the region, the Local Support Organization ‘Amazai Development Program’ has actively participated in the #humanitarian response. It has supported vulnerable families of union council Amazai, District Buner. The LSO has distributed food items among 83 vulnerable families by mobilizing support of the privileged people of the UC.
The LSO has sprinkled disinfectantspray in 162 communal places with the help of District Administration. It has distributed 124 soaps and 1,230 facemasks.
The LSO was formed by SRSP under the EU funded PEACE programme.

2,160 soap bars and 18 large dustbins have been provided to 3 main hospitals of District Mardan. The Medical Superintendent (MS ) Mardan Medical Complex, MS DHQ Mardan and MS THQ Takht bhai received these items under the UNICEF emergency response project

In SouthWaziristan more than 200 men and women Community Resource Persons (CRPs) from various Community Organizations (COs) took initiatives on self-help basis in the COVID_19 response. These CRPs #educated over 17,000 people on precautionary measures against COVID 19 through SMS. Awareness raising sessions regarding COVID-19 were arranged for 400 active community members and all members were made responsible to further pass on the message in their community. The Community Organizations (COs) purchased and distributed over 800 facemasks and 500 soapbars in their vicinity. The COs provided support to District Administration SRSP during disinfection spray campaign in public places, villages and mosques.