Community Based Physical Infrastructure Schemes

In far flung resource poor and marginalized areas, SRSP’s small to medium scale infrastructure schemes are life-line of Communities. These small-scale infrastructure schemes are identified by communities, designed in consultation with their active involvement, implemented, monitored and sustained by them. Large parts of the areas where SRSP works have little access to public services because of the long geographical distances, thin spread of population and difficulties of setting up systems to address needs by public service delivery providers in such areas./p>

SRSP has so far initiated and completed nearly 11,000 small scale infrastructure schemes with a cost of USD 75 million to benefit over 2.3 million population

The Model & Process

Small Scale Infrastructure Schemes are identified in close consultation with respective communities. Depending on nature & size, these schemes are prepared in close consultation with local communities as per market rates and are initiated at Mohallah or village level. Detail Terms of Partnerships are developed at onset of every single schemes eliciting roles and responsibilities of SRSP and partner communities from initiation to completion and handing over the schemes. The communities establish implementation, audit, accounting and monitoring mechanism, which provide an oversight for the projects and also contribute towards construction costs. Payments are made directly to respective communities through cross-cheques delivered in open public meetings where entire costs & expenses on a project are explained. These projects have been evaluated rigorously to determine its socio-economic returns & benefits. SRSP has experienced teams of Engineers to provide technical guidance & supervision on initiated projects. All data is maintained in MIS system.

SRSP has designed & constructed Bridges, Water Supply Schemes, Link Roads, Irrigation Channels, Schools, Health Centers, Mini Dams & conservation Schemes & Micro Hydro Projects.

Effectiveness & Efficiency

An evaluation regarding sustainability of randomly selected 461 water supply schemes in 6 districts revealed that 93% projects were still operational & functional. The avg. age of the scheme was 12 years (ranged between 5 years to 17 years). These schemes benefited 32,058 beneficiaries as per original record but necessity urged expansion in as much as 114 schemes to benefit additional 3,000 households. Of the mentioned schemes, 34 were non-functional. In absence of State providing clean potable water, these communities value these water supply schemes and have devised local O & M mechanism characterized by participating in cash or kind for uninterrupted water supply at local level.

The Impact

An independent Third Party Evaluation conducted by AiD International mentioned that satisfaction level of local communities with Drinking Water Supply Schemes undertaken by SRSP was 100%, also, implying lower risks of waterborne diseases. It further mentioned that link roads and bridges developed by SRSP have remarkably decreased average time taken for community residents to avail essential daily requirements, besides decreasing the cost of freight transport by 75%. The evaluation noted 140% increase in quantity of water (from 5 to 12 cusecs) in case of irrigation schemes. These irrigation channels resulted in an increase in farmers’ incomes (from PKR 54,000 to 147,000 per cropping season) besides reducing their workload by more than 50%. In addition, value of land appreciated significantly from PKR 3.2 million to 7.7 million per acre.

Members of 24 village councils in Malakand Division shared that infrastructure schemes implemented through SRSP are participatory, cost effective and efficient. They shared that cost of SRSP schemes is 40% less in comparison to a similar scheme implemented through public institutions.

Provision Of Clean Drinking Water to Villages in South Waziristan

More than 400 households get access to clean drinking water, after the construction of two solar powered water supply schemes in two villages of Tehsil Tiraza, District South Waziristan. These schemes are completed under “Reintegration and Rehabilitation for...

Inauguration of Drinking Water Supply Scheme

Storikhel tribe in Upper Bara, Khyber district celebrated the inauguration of the water supply scheme under the “Aid to uprooted people” project. Over 7, 000 feet of dilapidated and non-functional water supply line will be rehabilitated with an additional construction...

Connecting 12 Villages in Remote Pakistan through Road (Chitral)

SRSP in partnership with PATRIP foundation completed 14Km road that connects 12 villages of Arandu Khas and Domail (Pak-Afghan Border) district Chitral in August 2017. On the request of local communities SRSP with financial support of PATRIP foundation initiated...

Suspension Bridge in Bara Khyber Agency

Approximately 2,000 Households of StoriKhel area of Tehsil Bara, Khyber Agency will get easy access to social services after construction of a 200 feet lengthy suspension bridge and approach road of 150 feet in the area. Village Chalgazi is on one side of Bara River...