Nutrition Support Programme

A short term Nutrition Support Programme was initiated by SRSP in District Nowshera in collaboration with the Packages Foundation under Corporate Social Responsibility. Focus of the project was 150 poorest and malnourished families including women and children. This project was composition of provision of supplemental nutrition to the poorest and vulnerable members of community and nutrition sensitization through kitchen gardening. For selection of project area, number of indicators were considered including high poverty rate, number of orphans, widows and person with disabilities, SRSP strong footprint, existence of social capital and accessibility from provincial capital.

Pakistan has one of the highest rates of under-five mortality in the world due to prevalence of poor socioeconomic conditions. The devastating burden of mal-nutrition in KP Province remains a recognized health problem and plays a key role in region’s elevated maternal and child morbidity and mortality rates.

Components & Achievements

  1. The project for a period of one-year extended food package support to 150 poor and vulnerable families containing wheat, rice, sugar, oil, nutrition cookies, pulses and dates.
  2. To diversify project interventions, activities like kitchen gardening and vocational skills training were also initiated under the project.
  3. The beneficiary families were also engaged and trained in kitchen gardening through provision of quality seeds and potential plants, which enabled them to get organic, fresh and safe vegetables for their household consumption free of cost.
  4. In addition, vocational skill trainings for women were conducted for a period of two months on latest designs for further enhancing their incomes.

Malnutrition has negative consequences, including stunned growth and impaired cognitive development, which can permanently disable a child’s potential to become a productive adult.

Few Outcomes of the programme

In order to assess the impact of the project a brief study was also conducted. The study results revealed that food intake of beneficiary households has improved due to provision of food packages and engaging in kitchen gardening besides an improvement in enrolment and attendance level of their children. The beneficiaries further shared that their interaction in the society and with relatives has also improved.

Impact of Nutrition Support Programme

An Improved Body Mass Index (BMI) of targeted children

The major impact of food intake was improvement in BMI level of targeted children under 12. BMI was calculated for a total of 114 under 12 children-55 girls and 59 boys. The impact on girls and boys can be seen in table below;

Girls Body Mass Index (sample of 55 girls)


Before Project

After Project

Healthy weight range









Boys Body Mass Index (sample of 59 boys)


Healthy weight range