Woman Economic Empowerment and Market Development

Women Economic Empowerment and Market Development (WEEMD), concluded in June 2019, was a DFAT Australia supported project implemented by SRSP in district Peshawar, Nowshera and Charsadda. With three basic components- economic and market development, women empowerment/youth development and provision of literacy and functional skills training, the project aimed at sustained improvements in quality of life of 37,000 poor rural women households.

Women Economic Empowerment & Market Development was operational in 22 union councils/72 villages in 3 districts of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to benefit 278,000 population mostly women.

Immediate Impact

Economic Growth/Value Chain

Overall an average of 54% increase in income has been observed under value chain component with 31% increase in Garland making; 59% in Marigold; 75% in textile made-ups, 59% in cloth cluster; 35% in milk and 72% in meat subsectors. Similarly, in terms of job-creation a total of 200 individuals have be employed in different sub-sectors.

Women Empowerment (CIF)
A total of 1,624 (31%) out of 5,204 women benefitting from CIF (avg. PKR 12,500) were interviewed for immediate benefits of CIF. At-least, 94% women reported an average income increase of PKR 3,585 per month. Moreover, the village banks under WEEMD have also created employment opportunities for 59 women as Credit Extension Workers.

Literacy & Functional Skills

  • Participants of Adult Literacy Centres;
  • 100% improved their numeracy skills;
  • 99% improved reading/ writing skills;
  • 97% improved usage of everyday literacy skills;
  • 78% improved listening/speaking skills;
  • 66% improved decision making at household/Community level.
Economic Growth/Value Chain

For stimulating economic growth & market development, a total of six sub-sectors i.e. fresh milk, meat (common in 3 districts), cloth cluster in district Charsadda, marigold & garlands in district Nowshera, & textile made-ups in district Peshawar were selected out of 50 identified trades to benefit over 1,000 women/men beneficiaries.

Women Empowerment (CIF)

To support & contribute to women empowerment/youth development, CIF through 50 women village banks was created to ensure women’s (13,000 in Nos.) equitable access to financial resources. For an avg. support of PKR 12,500/beneficiary, an increase of PKR 3,585/month in income has been recorded

Literacy and Functional Skills

The project also benefited rural women with basic literacy, numeracy and functional skills imparted through Adult Literacy Centers in the targeted districts. Nearly 500 teachers and learners were trained in literacy, functional and numeracy skills.

Project Components

Nutrition Awareness raising sessions benefiting 31,000 women were conducted in close collaboration with Health Department with an aim to adopt healthy eating habits for overcoming malnutrition especially in women and children.

Women Business Centres

The project has also established 24 women business centers in different VBs, where 48 community resource persons provide training to rural women in 16 different trades. These women after successful completion of training are also provided with requisite equipment/tools to start business and to ensure sustainability. To create employment opportunities for rural communities, WEEMD has also proactively imparted employable technical and vocational skills to 900 women and men in its programme areas. Few preferred trades included ada/crochet work, fashion designing, hand purse/embroidery, burqa making plumbing, electrician, computer hardware, generator/ups/mobile repairing, heavy machinery, solar panel installation, and auto mechanic etc.

WEEMD had been instrumental in developing state-citizen linkages. District Coordination Committees were constituted in all 3 districts comprising GLAs. These committees met on regular basis to discuss issues of mutual concern and taking pragmatic steps to resolve it.

Latest Events

Addressing High Mortality Rate in Pakistan

Pakistan has one of the highest rates of under-five mortality in South Asia. SRSP under the DFAT funded project “Women Economic Empowerment and market Development” (WEEMD) chose to address this issue using the community participatory approach. SRSP in three districts...

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Australian High Commission Visit to WEEMD Project Area

Representative of Australian High commission Mr. David (First Secretary Development), Ms. Hannah Birks (Second Secretary Development) along with Mr. Shoaib Tayyab (Senior Program Manager Economic Growth & Trade) visited Women Economic Empowerment and Market...

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More than 150 women attended one day workshop on ‘Micro Finance Institutions Linkages’ in District Charsadda and Nowshera under the Government of Australia funded Women Economic Empowerment and Market Development (WEEMD) project. The activity was organized to explore...

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WEEMD NowShera

37 women from District Nowshera attended one month vocational training course (Tailoring). The purpose of the vocational training is to build the capacities of rural women in entrepreneurial skills to run micro enterprises. Certificates and tool kits distribution...

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Startup for Micro Enterprise In Swat Valley..

Women of Malakand division were deprived and were away from enterprise opportunities. To create new opportunities for them at households level SRSP and the Government of Australia initiated a series of interventions under GEF (Gender Equity Fund) Project. Beside other...

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Drying of Vegetable and Fruits

Under SRSP – GEF (Gender Equity Fund) project funded by the Government of Australia, a total of 40 women trained on modern tools & techniques “Drying of Vegetable and Fruits” at villages Tehlkar and Kuz Shonial of UC Shawar, District Swat. The five days training...

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Village Bank in Swat

A village Bank (VB) was inaugurated in village Islampur, of district Swat. This is an initiative of SRSP with financial support from the Government of Australia under Gender Equality Fund (GEF) project. The purpose of the project is to economically empower women by...

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