Social Sector Services & Gender & Development

SRSP has supported women initiatives through its extensive presence, knowledge of local context, capable local teams comprising adequately trained professionals, and a rich experience of delivering services in harsh and fragile environments. SRSP is committed to involve both women and men in development process for addressing poverty issues. It ensures that gender concerns are mainstreamed in its operations and programme at all level. A continuous effort is undertaken to address both men and women’s practical and strategic needs within prevailing socio-cultural environment in KP and newly merged tribal districts.

SRSP has developed and operationalized gender policy at organizational, programme and external levels. Based on its policy, SRSP has developed a pragmatic gender action plan to mainstream gender concerns at all levels.

SRSP-a Gender Sensitive Organization

SRSP strives to focus on men and women empowerment and undertakes various programmatic interventions to improve delivery of Social Sector Services. This essentially include developing school and health infrastructure, establishing adult literacy centers, conducting awareness raising campaigns, and capacity building initiatives. Similarly, there is an enhanced focus on interventions aiming at improving status of women and children in wake of MDGs/SDGs such as WASH initiatives, Livelihood support through easily available small-scale loans through village banks, Nutrition Support Programme, and education support initiatives.

Addressing High Mortality Rate in Pakistan

Pakistan has one of the highest rates of under-five mortality in South Asia. SRSP under the DFAT funded project “Women Economic Empowerment and market Development” (WEEMD) chose to address this issue using the community participatory approach. SRSP in three districts...

International Women Day Celebration

UNDP and SRSP celebrated the resilience and endurance of women from KP and FATA on the International Women's Day. The event included representation of women from FATA and different walks of life who came together to reiterate their commitment to improving women's...